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In Episode 8, we meet my free-spirited friend & peaceful warrior Jimmy Young for a conversation about his very personal spiritual journey.

In this show, Jimmie takes us down a path lined with curiosity and connections tying together a personal narrative that takes him from studying transcendental meditation in rural Oklahoma to a Scientology house in Los Angeles to pursuing happiness through Buddhism in the Bay Area.

How does a person develop and piece together a clear & profound understanding of their spiritual journey? For Jimmie Young, it's been a lifelong exploration that began during childhood when he attended a rural Oklahoma church with his grandmother who would be overtaken by the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues. There was also that nearby car accident injuring eastern guru Meher Baba not to mention remote viewing in the First Grade, teenage exploration of meditation, experimenting with LSD, 1960s rock & roll along with two decades studying Scientology and an eventual dream leading to a study of Buddhism.

PictureSF Streetcar on the F-Line at Fisherman's Wharf
In Episode #7 we venture to the San Francisco Railway Museum to meet up with General Manager Alison Cant for a fascinating discussion about public transportation and the City's  historic streetcars. Alison shares how these "museums in motion" have played a crucial role San Francisco's eclectic public transportation system since 1912.

Listen to learn about the past, present and future of this mode of public transportation. Hear the remarkable story about how concerned citizens rose to the occasion to revive and restore the colorful collection of classic streetcars gathered from around the world
Show #7 provides a colorful history and a fun ride - Enjoy!

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