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It's been quite awhile since I've taken a fun and extended road trip. With gas prices falling to affordable prices, it was time to hit the highway and see who I could meet along the way.

I first flew to Oklahoma City to briefly visit family, including my two sisters. I was picking up a car to drive back to San Francisco and with a little time to kill I decided to head west on Route 66, or what's left of it. Mostly, I drove Interstate 40 which runs parallel to the infamous and mythical Mother Road.

The famous road originally stretched from Chicago through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona to cover 2,448 miles before it ends at Santa Monica, California.

On this trip, I take a few detours along the way and meet up with an incredible cast of characters to be featured in upcoming episodes.

In Episode #11 I unwittingly wind my way into the tiny town of Erick, Oklahoma. I spotted a sign promoting the Roger Miller Museum, and I figured what better than an opportunity to pay homage to the creator of one of the greatest driving and travel songs of all time - King of the Road.

I was greeted at the door by a very kind and willing victim to my antics. Marylin was so kind to share her knowledge of Roger Miller's life and career as she escorts me around this small town shrine to its most famous resident.

It's a fun and fascinating look into the life of a man who won 11 Grammy's in his first two years as a professional musician. His singer-songwriter career was legendary, and he entertained American audiences for decades.

Sure, time passed him by much like what happened to old Route 66. But it's also true that parts of the old highway remain and thousands of people drive it annually out of nostalgia and for it authenticity and quirky attractions.

I think the same of Roger Miller and his music. Yeah, he and Route 66 are from another era, but visiting on this road trip was like a portal back to a simpler time and friendlier place.

Join Marylin and me as we discuss Roger Miller and living the simple life in Erick, Oklahoma - a tiny town unassumingly situated along America's Main Street.

Roger Miller Museum in Erick, Oklahoma
View the latest promo for Episode #10. The one-minute video provides an excellent teaser for my fascinating and inspiring interview with seasoned adventure traveler and pilgrimage "guru" Brandon Wilson. Watch for the minute and I can almost guarantee you will start to wonder where you last put your backpack!

But before you start booking flights, mapping your next adventure and lacing up your hiking boots, give the full podcast interview a listen. Then with your earbuds, firmly embedded and volume adjusted you can start formulating your next adventure. I am now contemplating going on my pilgrimage sometime soon. I always try and keep life interesting, but I have to acknowledge it's been awhile since I've gone off on a genuine travel adventure. My interview with Brandon and hearing about his amazing travel tales has inspired me to rethink my life's priorities and trajectory.

Perhaps that's what this entire podcast is setting me up to do. Hopefully, these conversations are also helpful for, you the listener  How about it? How are you doing with the daily grind of work, bills and the occasional fun weekend? If you could go anywhere and do anything, where would you go and what would you do? Please feel free to submit your thoughts and ideas. In the meantime, enjoy the podcast conversations.

- Keith B.