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PictureSF Streetcar on the F-Line at Fisherman's Wharf
In Episode #7 we venture to the San Francisco Railway Museum to meet up with General Manager Alison Cant for a fascinating discussion about public transportation and the City's  historic streetcars. Alison shares how these "museums in motion" have played a crucial role San Francisco's eclectic public transportation system since 1912.

Listen to learn about the past, present and future of this mode of public transportation. Hear the remarkable story about how concerned citizens rose to the occasion to revive and restore the colorful collection of classic streetcars gathered from around the world
Show #7 provides a colorful history and a fun ride - Enjoy!

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Dave Breitbach
03/03/2016 6:49am

Keith, there is no way you can remember that there were streetcars in Pittsburgh, PA. We, mom, dad, me Lis and Anne rode the train from E. Dubuque to Pittsburgh to visit Uncle Peter and family at Easter...around 1968 I think. I remember the streetcars there. You'd have to ask mom about the complete story.


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01/28/2017 6:05am

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10/19/2016 5:22am

provides a colorful history and a fun ride this statement is really correct about this blog i am very impress after reading this article about public transportation.

11/28/2016 3:40am

Streetcars should rule the streets once more. In my opinion, if there would be more of them and less cars, there would be less traffic. Moreover, this mode of transportation will also save more fuel. Less will be consumed by the people and they in turn will save a lot of money as well. But, that's just me. Some might not agree with me on this, but it is worth pondering, right?

12/19/2016 5:14am

Trains are a giant of the industrial era. I would always love them.

02/20/2017 2:58am

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